Hawk DTC 80 (CP9668 25mm)


Our products have dominated motorsports for more than 25 years, and this revolutionary compound is taking that domination to a new level. Intended for the hardest braking circuits where the most demanding brake products are required, DTC-80 is a compound engineered for use on all circle track and road racing venues where a high torque, high temperature-resilient friction material is a must. With a formulated flat coefficient of friction at high temperature levels, DTC-80 provides consistent performance corner after corner. Track tested and proven effective, this formulation offers lower wear rates and higher torque values than other competitive materials on the market today. The end results are better car control, more confident brake zone feel, and stunningly predictable performance.

  • High initial bite

  • Consistent brake torque level over temperature range

  • Consistent with pressure at high temperatures over 1200 F

  • Superior pad and rotor wear

  • All Hawk Performance compounds are not compatible with carbon ceramic rotors. Hawk pads are designed to work with Iron/Metal rotors.

  • High torque

  • 500-1700 F operating temperatures

  • 600-1500 F optimal temperature range

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Manufacturer: Hawk Performance
SKU: HB109Q.980
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