LS7 Head Work

LS 7 Head Package:           $1944.80
We machine your supplied castings. Price includes hot tank and blast cleaning, installing bronze valve guides, our Stage 2 CNC port program, competition valve job, surface milling and new stainless steel exhaust valves. The titanium intake valves are cleaned, inspected and tumble polished to help reduce valve guide related wear.
   Platinum dual spring kit.                                                  $357.00
   PAC 1207X Dual spring kit.                                             $575.00
   Ferrea SS Exhaust Valves                                               $225.00
   GM Head Gaskets                                                           $100.00
   GM Head Bolts                                                                   $75.00
   Labor to Remove and Reinstall Heads                           $2195.00
Comp Cams BSR Shaft Rocker Arm System                    $610.00
CHE Trunion Upgrade Installed in your Rocker Arms        $550.00
ARP Head Bolts                                                                  $115.00
ARP Head Studs                                                                 $285.00
Please Call or Email to arrange the above packge and let DRM take care of the rest.
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